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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not so happy

She is not happy. Though she doesn't look too bad in this photo. There are some undeniably unhappy symptoms. 1. She often droops even after sunshine and watering. 2. She is not getting ready to blossom as her counterpart below is. 3. She has some yellowed and brown leaves. Though these two plants (yikes I don't know the species) are in similar parts of the garden, with similar rain and sunshine, they are not the same. This one is unhappy.

She is happy. Bright and buoyant leaves. Getting ready to blossom in (what I remember from last year) red flowers. She doesn't droop or yellow, or brown.

I am taking a page out of life here and moving my unhappy to be with my happy. There could be many reasons that my unhappy is this way, but I have decided after spending the morning with my unhappy friend Bess that it is because she needs to make a move to be near her happy counterpart. Cue life here. My friends that I have mentioned before, Bess and Blaise, have begun their new adventure, but Bess's cafe hasn't sold yet and so she is still here, away from Blaise, the happy, free spirit that makes all well in her life. To be fair Blaise is unhappy too, but Blaise will thrive anywhere (even in the hot TX sun). I moved my unhappy to be with my happy, because I know that when Bess sells the cafe (soon, soon) she will go to be with Blaise and will be happy. Holding out for the two of them to be together soon, and holding out that my unhappy will transform now that I have moved her to be near her happy counterpart. A post will come soon of the two of them blossoming together, probably about the same time the cafe sells and Bess is off to be with Blaise (this is what I expect as my garden will mirror life, or life will mirror my garden).

We are always happier when in the presence of those we love!

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