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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thanks, and thanks!

I got this in the mail today! I was so excited, and I am so grateful. Thank you dad for this gift. After finding this magazine he thought I might be interested and subscribed me. How awesome, perusing is has made me think that I make take a break from all the stuff I have been doing recently to get my company growing and get back to my garden growing tomorrow. It has felt a bit neglected me thinks, and it will do some good to get outside, commune with nature, revive my creativity, and release some stress. More on how this turns out tomorrow!

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.
- William Shakespeare

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We have defintely entered the fall season...the weather has changed, I still don't have any tomatoes, but my autumn fire seedams are bright and beautiful. I have been quite successful this season with perinnals and annuals, not so much with the veggie garden, but another year awaits us and I am sure that my knowledge and experience will allow for a growth year in 2011. Fall offers us change, and change offers us growth. I am sure that many of my plantings will have the opportunity to hibernate and next year become even more than they were this year.

Funny though as I enter a growth stage there isn't much hibernating happening. I have moved away from my involvement with Balance Fitness studio and am working on expanding my own brand Sante' Fitness. This comes with a lot of work. And a lot of uncertanity. What will come of my new endeavor? And as I enter into so much change I find that many of the things I was certain of before I now doubt.

Can I engage the students I need to sign up?
Do I have the ability to succeed on my own?
Will I be able to handle the logistics, and day to day pieces of my company?

It is so challenging to go out on your own and try something new.

And yet, this year I did that with my garden. I pulled up grass, planted new things, they are growing. I set up a veggie garden, this didn't go as planned but things are still growing there, even if they aren't veggies. My garden offered me some beautiful results and some ho-hum results but I never would have known if I hadn't tried.
And there are many things growing in my garden that experts said might not grow, which I contribute to tenacity in the plant.

So what is my tenacity in this time of change? Can I flow with it? Can I build my brand and my company and see growth, despite what the experts say?

I believe I can if I have some clear goals and I do!

1. I want to offer health and wellness at an affordable price point
2. I want a brilliant and beautiful life available to all
3. I want to offer this to others and get paid well for my services
4. I want to support you in loving your life, and your body
5. I want to inspire you to live your best life and inspire others to do the same

I have a few things in the cooker to move me forward in this direction and I look to my garden, many of the things I have planted that have grown so much this summer and I wonder, after a winter of quiet where will you be? I am assured that they will grow to a larger magnitude next year. And I am assured the same of myself during this time of change. It might be challenging at first, it might be lean and cold and bitter for a bit, but by next year, things will be blossoming and I will be in a rapid state of growth and my dreams of impacting the lives of others for the better will be a reality!

I find that what I always thought- being a partner at Balance Fitness Studio- is not happening. And so I must be willing to grow in another spot other than the one I had planted myself in. And I believe that with a clear set of goals I will grow wherever I am. It might take some time to re-root myeslf but change can equal growth if you wish it to. And I am courageous, I will grow wherever I am.

Grow where you are planted- Unknown

Saturday, September 4, 2010

If your counting...42 days

42 days, that is quite possibly most of the summer. And I thought I was doing so well. Here is what happens; life. And then you get so far away from all of it (your garden, your blog, your friends) when you finally take a look everything needs a bit of watering and weeding. First let me apologize that I haven't watered you by checking in, second let me say I haven't done much weeding, so my mind is filled with clutter and lots of unneeded growth. Third, please forgive me if I unload all of this clutter on you at one time.

Let me note that while I didn't win my fight I was spectacular and offered an exclusive invitation to fight at next years world championships. Consider yourself invited if you wish to be there! Since that amazing day, my life has turned in many different directions, which has of course led to my absence blog side.

There are some parts of my life in upheaval. I have planned for A the last 5 years and now I have learned that A is not possible and I must go after B. The only problem in this is that I didn't have B planned. So I am feeling a bit like a re-plant in my garden.

I believe that life throws curve balls to wake you up. I am waking up. This doesn't mean I haven't been a bit lost, and things aren't blurry, but my eyes are opening to more possibilities every day. If this seems a bit vague, it is as it is must be.

Last week a monarch butterfly was hanging about my back garden. She was there ALL day and I asked myself, "where did you come from, how did you make it here, why do you stay"?

And then the next day, she was gone. And I realized I must ask myself the same questions, and in the tomorrow, I will be gone. Change is inevitable. We need to ask ourselves some vital questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here/how did we get here? And why do we stay?

When something no longer loves us up and expands our growth, why indeed do we stay? Because we are comfortable? Not a great reason to remain; a frog placed in cold water over a stove stays because it is comfortable, and as the heat increases never jumps because they always maintain a certain amount of comfort. At least until their cooked... and I am eating their legs (at that point they probably don't care) But I don't want any one to eat my legs so, I'm going to jump!

I prefer to be the butterfly that flits/floats for a day, and then moves on. And so I will, and I promise more....give me some time!

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown