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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A gallery post for Sarah

Time passed means time spent on many things, other than blogging.

I am busy with my new business and training for a fight in Canada in a few short weeks and haven't spent much time in the blog-a-sphere. However on this night I was reading Sarah's blog. Her blog is amazing and she is tremendous, check it out. No matter that she is my sis-in-law, she is really incredible and I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Sarah posted a blog about her hubby (my hubby's brother) thinking some of her photo galleries were unusual, and I just had to post in solidarity. Matt would love nothing more than clean. pristine. walls. nothing. on. them. BUT....I put stuff on some of them. Never mind the Huge TV in this pic that my father-in-law bought, it covers up some of my art, we will fix this eventually!

After all, Matt built these walls, he wants to be able to admire them. But he would also love no furniture in the house other than a bed, a desk, one chair, 3 eating utensils, 2 plates, 1 cooking pan, and 3 t-shirts. Of course this leaves plenty of room for his endless number of tools taking up space in the basement. Yes, I love my husband, but I NEED something to look at. I NEED art on the walls. So I put some art up.

I appreciate it and love it, even if he doesn't, so here are some pics of my Art walls running parallel to my sis-in-law...Matt especially doesn't understand the 'found art' wall that includes a variety of things that I have found and loved and placed in a very prominent spot in our living room(the pic of this wall is the first one posted) ps. Sarah, I have way more than 4 walls that I call my art walls, so feel free to keep on every wall is spectacular!