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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A treasure of sorts, my treasure for sure

Last night we celebrated my birthday at my sister Kelley's house. She has recently caught the gardening bug (be careful, it is contagious) and it was so fun to see all she has done with her recently fenced in backyard. Her hubby Josh did all the labor on the fence and now Matt is waiting nervously for the moment I propose the same of him. It would go something like this...'Hon, wouldn't it be nice to have some privacy, with all your AWESOME skills, I bet we could do it on a dime". Doing it on a dime is my trick in since Matt can't resist the idea of saving money. Though he is often busy on side projects so he might not have the time...Sigh*

I love how gardening brings people together, and Kel and I had a little fun over the "tulips" that she dug up from her neighbor's yard. The house has gone into foreclosure and before the woman moved out Kelley pulled up some of her tulips. Turns out the tulips were actually day lilies...according to me. According to her...they were tulips. So we asked my dad, through the front window. "What is this?" (holding up a sample of the day lily foliage). "It's a weed", was his reply.
Well it is all in the perception of the individual. And so it is. One person's trash...another person's treasure. But they are still day lilies and you'll know I am right when they start blooming in a few weeks. Tulips don't bloom the end of June, day lilies do.

This sweet little birdbath was my birthday gift from my family. I love cats and though I will not be collecting cat figurines in my house, a little kitsch in the garden is perfect. I love it, Thanks! They also got me a gift card to plants and things, a garden center in Anoka (aka Canada). Kelley and I will bond once again when we head down there to spend my monies. Stay tuned for all the yummy plants and things I get there next week.

What you perceive, you will receive. Whether it is trash or treasure is up to you. You'll get what you see. Why not see treasure, it is so much prettier to look at.


  1. I'm sorry but that cat looks like a space alien!! So cute!! And tulips, day lilies or weeds? Dear me. Bess loves the day lilies, can't say I'm as fond, unless they are mass planted which I know you love to do. I can not yet tell you a thing about gardening in zone 9. Why? Because I can't get freakin' outside. Dear heavens it's hot!! It rained, things are growing much like weeds but, well, I think I'll just need to garden at 4am!

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

  3. I LOVE THIS BLOG! Im so glad you are doing this for the summer! Anoka is about as far as Canada but it will be well worth it, i promise!

  4. -I can't wait Kel!
    -Nan, thanks so much, nice to see you here :)
    -Blaise, seriously? Gardening at 4am? no stretch for you I know. You can do it before your trot about in the alley at 5am. LOL (you might not meet more neighbors at that time tho)

  5. Lisa - I think that bird bath is adorable and an artful addition to your beautiful garden!

  6. Thanks I LOVE it too! Post to come soon of what I have done with the wonderful birthday money from you and Bruce.