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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aches, Ants, and Amazingness

Just another day in the garden. It doesn't seem to matter that I am training for a kickboxing fight in August and am sore enough already, I must add more fuel to the fire. I spent the morning removing Chilton around the tree in our front slope and replacing it with the same granite rock that I added earlier this year. Well, for continuity I guess, but to say that it was challenging is an understatement. My tired and achy body is even more so now. After much heavy rock lifting (rock into the truck, rock out of the truck, rock onto the slope, Chilton off the slope, Chilton into the truck, and Chilton off the truck)I am sufficiently whipped. Before pic above and after pic below, please OOH and AH, it helps alleviate my soreness.

My lettuce from seed is sad at best, despicable at worst. Today I succumbed and bought a few lettuce plants from the garden center to fill in the space around the minuscule and depressed leaves that are already growing and when I began planting them I unearthed this. Perhaps I am not such a brown thumb as I thought. Anyone have tips for getting rid of an ant colony living underneath your lettuce?

This is my first year of vegetables. I have done herbs before and a few perennials but never veggies. Recently I have been bemoaning the latent growth of my tomato plants, but today I saw this, small and alone, but nevertheless AMAZING! Oh how excited I became, and this was all it took to make today; THE BEST DAY EVER!

Find joy in the small things in life, and you will find joy often.


  1. Awesome work, as usual! You are caging or supporting your tomatoes at some point, yes? Those fruits get pretty heavy come August... :)

  2. Thanks! I am planning on it, they really just haven't gotten big enough yet.

  3. Oh my gosh the ants can I just say gross ... yuk ... oh my.

    You are amazing to tackle all those rocks ... it must count in the training for the August match as determined by soreness!

  4. the area around the tree looks so nice. . . your aches and pains were not in vain. i love your little tomato. . . so cute! your probably out right now planting all the new fun things you got on our adventure today. . . maybe we can hit bachmans next week if im still prego. . . ?

  5. Bachmans? Duh! Of course! I can't wait to show it to you, but suffice to say we must leave the wallets at home. I WAS out planting, how'd you know? :) Wish I would have taken pics of that crazy place today to post, oh, well. Planted until well after the sun set, and with mosquitoes biting me all the way.

    I love all that you are doing but I love reading about it even more!
    Miss you.