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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh Canada...

My sister Kelley and I went to Plants and Things today. Yes it is in Anok....I mean Canada, but so fun for us. We stopped and got Caribou coolers and had a lovely chat on our way out of the Country (or into the country).

This place did not disappoint. It was CRAZY! I wish I had taken pics, but alas I did not think ahead to grab my camera before our road trip (and to be honest, even though Kel said this place was insane, I didn't have any grasp on how much so until we got there).

We perused for a good hour before grabbing the goodies we both wanted. I had NO problem spending my $100 gift card that the fam gave me for my birthday, but proudly (this is for you Matt) I only went $20 over.

I got so many splendid things I can't even suffice with a pic (tho everything is kind of crammed together here so it is hard to see exactly HOW much I got; A LOT). And please notice that along with the annuals, perennials, and herbs I bought, I purchased a cute trellis (bottom left corner) that will soon be climbing with Morning Glory (also purchased today) and not pictured are totally cute herb stakes that I didn't get a shot of because it got too dark (I planted until 10pm).

The most fun of all of this was the time with my sis. She got baby sitters (thanks Ashley, Martin, Cassie) and we were able to connect, talk about our lives, and just be together.

Time is free, but it is priceless

Stay tuned for updated pics on flicker stream of the gardens, just waiting for dawn


  1. Wow, they are beautiful! What fun and what a great gift from your family!

  2. You have done amazing work! The trip to Plants and Things sounds like so much fun. Nothing is as good for the soul as a "girls day out"!! Keep the pictures coming.

  3. If the herb stakes are the same as Kels I saw them at her place last night ... how fun to share the gardening and time with your sister!
    Yep, we have all the time we need!

    Kelley went on and on about the place and showed me the bird bath she got there ... how fun!