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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The voice of nature

Matt and I drove down to his parents lake home (check: home NOT cabin) for the 4th of July. It has been a beautiful and relaxing 3 days so far, I love it here!

Yesterday I was out on a training run (5 miles with intervals) when a deer crossed my path. She stopped to stare, I did too. Then from behind the trees out popped two little fawns. So sweet. They stopped too, and there the 4 of us were, staring at each other. I waited until they decided to turn and run off, about 2 minutes later. And then I had a moment; (before I began running again) I looked around at the trees, caught a few butterflies out of the corner of my eye, and watched the fluffy white cotton tails of the fawns head deeper into the woods, I understood that all the work I've done in my gardens is just for this, to be able to hear nature. In this space all is quiet, serene, perfectly in balance, and inspired. Since I began digging in the earth, planting veggies, growing different varieties of perennials, I've learned so much; I've begun to listen again.

And yet, so much of my time is still spent in my hunk of metal car, on my computer, phone, listening to my ipod, buying products from stores that destroyed some part of nature so that I could own them.

I must remember these moments, because when I listen to nature everything is...well have to listen to it yourself to understand it and to feel it. One thing I know; I do not feel this in the presence of technology, and industry, only nature.

Rivers and rocks and trees have always been talking to us, but we've forgotten how to listen.
- Michael Roads


  1. Dad and I read this one together ... dad's comment "that is really well written!" and I would agree, you have a gift of creative expression as you write!

    love you way more, mom

  2. Well I love my quite possibly biased parents, :) thank you!