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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A mass of dirt

Every moment a beginning, every moment an end.- Mark Salzman

I LOVE Mass plantings! I am utterly awed and inspired by gardens that have gorgeous blocks of beautiful plants growing together. And I find that in the space I am in (beginning my garden) this has been a difficult thing to display as plants take time, love, sunshine, and water to grow to the enormous specification of what I describe as "mass". Another thing, the more plants, the more money. And I have less of the latter. A lesson of patience has been bestowed upon me here as I split 2 of my larger Autumn fire sedums and bought 6 low walker cat mint perennials and placed them around my "dirt" rock bed that has been planted with annual seeds and gladiola bulbs. When I look at it I see a lot more dirt than I wish to see. And yet I know that this is a moment of beginning...beginning the growth and an end as well. Soon the dirt will be filled in with flowers, shrubs, and hopefully butterflies.

Here is the beginning...

And someday the end...

In the meantime I will take this from 'The Power of Patience' and live contentedly in the love I experience when I am in this dirt that I see so much of!

"Patience is the willingness to be in the now exactly as it is. Even if we wish or hope or pray that someday it will change, patience allows us to live as happily and contentedly as possible right now."

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  1. It looks lovely. Great job. Hugs and kisses from one Van Ahn family to the other. xoxoxox