Thursday, June 24, 2010

15 minutes of watering, 15 minutes of fame (my garden celebrating me)

So validating to read my mom's post tonight... You may remember a few months back when I took on 30 days of pre-paving.(btw, funny to read this post in which I desired 8 people in my class and had 3. Now I regularly have 8 people in class and usually 10-12) Well, I am still doing it. I have two beautiful girlfriends (one in NYC, one in NJ) that I share my pre-paves with daily. Today my "word" for the day was TIME. I pre-paved that I had all the time I needed and time was on my side. All I needed to accomplish would happen easily and effortlessly. This paved on my busiest day of the week with appointments. After boot camp this morning I had only moments at home before heading off to my next apt. and I thought to myself, "I don't have enough time to water the garden". But then I thought again, "just do it now, you are busy all day and won't get to it later, do what you can now". Proceed to the most hot and humid day yet, and I am ever so glad that I took those 15 minutes this morning to give my lovelies the little time I had and water them the best I could.

When I arrived home tonight they all looked happy and healthy and no one seemed too sad or wilted. Thank goodness I adapted myself to the mentality I learned when reading Success Through a Positive Mental attitude by Napoleon Hill, "DO IT NOW"!

From the book
The secret of getting things done is to act. The self-starter is the self-motivator DO IT NOW!

And in the face of this, more evidence in my favor when I read mom's blog tonight about what? Procrastination! I love what she pasted from fly girls, a new outlook on it all:

Our procrastination is fueled by our perfectionism. We get caught in the trap of thinking we don't have time to do it right. This is when we do nothing.

Did I do it right? Probably not, I am sure my beauties could have used a bit more of a soaking, but I gave them what I had, which was more than nothing, and they love me for that something I gave (15 minutes of fame right from my garden).


  1. Kelley and I just read your amazing blog together about having all the time you need and to do it now! So .... therefore as we post this comment we want you to know we are doing "contractions" 1-3 minutes apart right now .... we are choosing not to procrastinate but rather wait for the perfection in the timing of "baby Lennon!"

  2. And she did arrive perfectly and beautifully!

  3. Awesome! Action is better than procrastination!