Thursday, May 27, 2010

And here we go...

Thanks for coming, not that I don't love my 30 day experiences but I am a bit run down on it and have been loving my garden most these days. So I thought, why not blog about my garden and how all of it relates to my life? This is fair, it is summer and I know all that I want to do has to do with being in my gardens so for this time of year it is a perfect opportunity for me to not disappear from the blogging world and instead put my words to where my heart is; the earth. Gardening is new for me, I mean really new.

Last year a beautiful friend gifted me many things from her garden and I began my "back perennial garden" (pictured at the top) this has grown in beautifully and I have expanded to a front south side perennial/annual garden, more love in my foundation beds, and a rock garden on the front slope. I have also included a veggie garden on my south side (my first ever) and numerous beautiful pots of annuals and herbs.

So here we go... this summer is all about relating my life to my garden. What will I learn, how will I grow as my flowers, veggies, grasses, and herbs grow? I have already gained so much knowledge from being in the earth I can't wait to share all of it with you, so please join me this summer in the evolution of my garden and the rooting down of my life. I hope to have many metaphors of how my life exists in relation to my garden and I think this will be a fun hiatus from construction of days (ie, 30 days).

And so we enter 100 days of summer rather than 30 days of experiences and there in lies a few months of watching and learning as we grow with the plants, trees, grasses, around us. I am so grateful hibernation is over and growth goes into a rapid rate. I am ready for all of it!


  1. Dearest Lisa – welcome to the world of obsession, passion, heartbreak, pure joy and unbridled masochism….the world of gardening.

    You know Bess says that all good gardeners are 80 because it takes that f&^%ing long to figure it out!

    Just a few thoughts from me:
    • No spring is ever plant perfect. Never has been and never will be.
    • Gardening is the passion of pure optimists – there is always next year.
    • It’s actually pretty hard to kill most plants. It’s the other ones you’ll covet.
    • Take the term ‘shovel pruning’ to heart.
    • ‘Native’ really means invasive weed.
    • ‘Naturalized’ really means a big mess with no form.
    • Beware the gardening plant catalogue; they arrive in February when you are at your weakest.
    • Pick up the book The $64 Tomato to understand the world you are entering.
    • Never, ever, ever underestimate the POWER OF POO!

    I will share what I learn of gardening in zone 9 – which I’m guessing will start with me screeching, “ouch, that hurts”.

    I look VERY forward to your words of gardening wisdom. GO GARDENING GIRL!

  2. Love that you are going with where your spirit energy flows and blogging from and about your passion and inspiration!