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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a surprise

Ok I love Donna (aka Blaise) she offered this to me

Now, I find it interesting that you have not – at all- equated you fighting to your garden. I think there is something there??

She is right the thing that is most occupying my mind right now is my upcoming kickboxing fight August 7th (I have tickets so let me know if you want to come).
And it is curious that since it is taking up so much room in my schedule and my head, what a wonder that I haven't posted on it.

So here it is, just for my hot (in Tx) and bothered (by the government lines) friend:

What a surprise:
1. The US national kickboxing team petitioned me to join with them
2. I am coming out of retirement after 6 years to fight again
3. I am 35 and think I can do this again (the last time I fought I was in my twenties)
4. I am willing to put myself through the physical aches and pains of training
5. I am willing to put myself through the arduous process of cutting weight for said fight which means no ice cream and cheese burgers
6. I am able to handle a full bootcamp, private training schedule WHILE training myself for this fight
7. I actually BELIEVE I will win this fight!

This from my garden...

What a surprise:
1. I found this peanut growing out of my window box
2. I have never put a peanut in my window box
4. Peanuts can actually grow in Minnesota
5. Peanuts grow out of peanuts (I didn't know this)
6. This peanut actually somehow (still no clue on how it happened) ended up in my window box
7. And it grew!

(I took the peanut off the top of what was growing and put it behind in this pic)

Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible.
Thomas J. Jackson

Hoping the peanut doesn't consider me an enemy, but safe to say the girl from Canada that I am going to beat should. OR if not an enemy at least a rival, and I have many surprises up my sleeve! COME AND WATCH


  1. HA! A peanut. The US national kickboxing team was the seed of your fighting again. They scored when they found you, you agreed to fight and you will amaze them. You can blame a squirrel for your peanut. Mr Squirrel scored when he found a peanut on a neighbors patio, carried it all the way to his favorite hiding place - your window box - and it surprised Mr Squirrel that his seed is now gone, replaced by a thriving plant. Voila, Lisa gets a peanut plant and a WIN!! Go Gardening (and Boxing) Girl!!

  2. YES! A squirrel, but of course, thanks for solving the mystery. :)