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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How about being green while surrounded by white?

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. ~Albert Einstein

My com-poster is covered with snow. No access. My plants are covered by many feet of snow. So much so the bunnies and squirrels can't even get to chewing on the bark, my thanks to the forces of nature. My pots never made it inside and I am hoping beyond hope that being filled and insulated by snow covering they will not crack. So what can one do to be green when everything is white?

Now I know my cousin Catherine would have many alternatives for me, but I think I found one I can wrap myself around. Chinook Book. A good friend of mine gifted me with one for the holidays and I love it. Here's why having one will keep me green and encouraging the sustainable lifestyle.

Founded in April 1999 in Portland, Oregon, Celilo Group Media is a green media company with a mission of expanding markets for sustainable products and services.

Celilo is the national leader in the publication and distribution of green coupon books. The company currently publishes six annual editions of the popular Chinook Book guides...

Since it’s founding, Celilo has distributed over 220 million green coupons. We have worked with several hundred schools and community groups in the markets above to raise more than $2 million for their organizations through the sale of Chinook Book.

Beyond this I will have the opportunity to check out many new, local places that I have yet to visit. I always blog better with a purpose, and I have a new one...Mary quite contrary is going to check out as many coupons as possible in the next few months. I now have new will and motivation to post, stay tuned for reviews on some of the cool green/sustainable offerings in the twin cities. If you have a Chinook Book as well, please comment with your fav spots too.

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