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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Painting is like gardening

Well not really at all actually. But I have to find some way to tie together what I am doing with my garden right? And that is what I am doing (painting), or rather, that is what I did all day today, and what I will be doing all day tomorrow, after what I propose will be a terribly painful trip to Ikea (sorry Sarah, it may seem sacrilege but I do NOT love Ikea).

All of these things are so exciting of course, the painting and even the dreaded trip to Ikea are for my new space 'The OM Collective' which I most recently blogged about. Balance has moved out and the OM is moving in and there is nothing in the space. After 6 years at Balance being in the space in this way is scary and yet exhilarating.

Not more than two days ago this empty room was filled with stuff, all a part of what Balance was, and now it has nothing, all a part of what will become 'The OM Collective'.

"One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you're just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing. "
-- Werner Erhard

I love this quote, and I intend for this to become my focus for fall/winter. Gardening is behind me, for the season of cold is upon us, yes it is. My empty pots are proof of that (they are still on the fence outside because they are damn heavy and neither Matt or I want to carry them down the stairs)

The pots have nothing in them, the perennials have been cut back to nearly nothing, the leaves cover everything and my garden is in hibernation. Do you want to read about nothing? This could be a very elevated blog if it was about nothing, or terribly boring, or just empty. I would post every day, nothing. Easy enough, if I have nothing to write, than nothing is ever left unwritten. But...

I have plenty to write and I do not need to go into hibernation like my perennials. SO what is gardening after all? When I checked I found this sweet description....a fertile and delightful spot or region. How perfect, my new fertile spot is my new space. Ahhh, a sigh of contentment.

I have a spot. One that is mine to develop, nurture, water, and shine light on, and at the perfect time, just when my garden needs to sleep. This will keep me busy, but I promise to write, let you know all of what is happening in my new fertile spot, and of course, how all of it relates to my life. And no need to even change the title of my blog, I am a novice gardener, I think I always will be, there will always be something to create from nothing. And every time it will be different, so it is like starting fresh with each new delightful unknown.

In the moment I allow that I know nothing, I allow myself to know all.

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  1. How exciting this is Lisa ... I miss you and I love you more ... see you Wednesday as we celebrate your wonderful, amazing husband!