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Saturday, September 4, 2010

If your counting...42 days

42 days, that is quite possibly most of the summer. And I thought I was doing so well. Here is what happens; life. And then you get so far away from all of it (your garden, your blog, your friends) when you finally take a look everything needs a bit of watering and weeding. First let me apologize that I haven't watered you by checking in, second let me say I haven't done much weeding, so my mind is filled with clutter and lots of unneeded growth. Third, please forgive me if I unload all of this clutter on you at one time.

Let me note that while I didn't win my fight I was spectacular and offered an exclusive invitation to fight at next years world championships. Consider yourself invited if you wish to be there! Since that amazing day, my life has turned in many different directions, which has of course led to my absence blog side.

There are some parts of my life in upheaval. I have planned for A the last 5 years and now I have learned that A is not possible and I must go after B. The only problem in this is that I didn't have B planned. So I am feeling a bit like a re-plant in my garden.

I believe that life throws curve balls to wake you up. I am waking up. This doesn't mean I haven't been a bit lost, and things aren't blurry, but my eyes are opening to more possibilities every day. If this seems a bit vague, it is as it is must be.

Last week a monarch butterfly was hanging about my back garden. She was there ALL day and I asked myself, "where did you come from, how did you make it here, why do you stay"?

And then the next day, she was gone. And I realized I must ask myself the same questions, and in the tomorrow, I will be gone. Change is inevitable. We need to ask ourselves some vital questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here/how did we get here? And why do we stay?

When something no longer loves us up and expands our growth, why indeed do we stay? Because we are comfortable? Not a great reason to remain; a frog placed in cold water over a stove stays because it is comfortable, and as the heat increases never jumps because they always maintain a certain amount of comfort. At least until their cooked... and I am eating their legs (at that point they probably don't care) But I don't want any one to eat my legs so, I'm going to jump!

I prefer to be the butterfly that flits/floats for a day, and then moves on. And so I will, and I promise more....give me some time!

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown


  1. Well, I'm not counting but I have been checking your blog and have missed your writings. As for the plan B ... yes, change is ahead so scope out the territory and claim yours. I look forward to all God has for you in the future!

    As for the butterfly amazing ... as for you even more amazing.

    Can't wait to hear about the changes ....

  2. First I love your writting, second I love hearing about your journey and I love you, and third(I guess actually forth) I love your mom for the comment she left! Hugs(really tight ones)